"To Serve Our Valued Customer's Casting Requirements With Quality, Quantity, Intimedelivery and Competative Price"

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Our Scope Of Manufacturing

Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components, C.I. Casting Assembled Parts, C.I. Casting Utensils /Vessels , & more

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of: Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts (CI Machined Components) like Casting Bearing Caps, Casting Covers, Casting Adaptors, Casting Delivery Body, Casting Brackets, Casting Brake Drums, Casting Machined Covers, Casting Pump Brackets, Casting Pump Body, Casting Sleeves, Casting Housings, Casting Silicon Molly (SiMo) Manifolds, Casting Brake Discs, Casting Flywheels, Casting Pulleys, Casting Engine Mounting Brackets, Casting Machined Hubs, Casting Carriers, Casting Water Pump Components / Parts, Casting Hydraulic Components / Parts, Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting Utensils / Vessels like Casting Dosa Pan (Dosa Maker Pan) / Tawa, Casting Kadhai, Casting Skillets, Casting Grill Skillets, Casting Paniyaram Pan / Appe Pan / Appam Makers (Appam Patra), Toasters, Casting Sizzler Plates With Wooden Base, Casting Tadka Pan, Grey Cast Iron Casting Component / Part Assembly (CI Assembled Components / Parts), SG Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts (Ductile Iron Casting Machined Components) like Casting Industrial Sleeves, Casting Adaptors, Casting Brackets, SG Iron Casting Component / Part Assembly (SG Iron Casting Assembled Components / Parts) from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

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Raviraj Metals: Precision Castings Specialists

Unlocking seamless project delivery with our comprehensive approach at Raviraj Metals.

Our Raviraj Production Department engineered the gating and rigging of equipment to ensure quality and consistency in every pour of your components. We control the metallurgy in the furnace, in each ladle, in each casting, and we of course check your castings before they leave the foundry. We continue to strive for excellence because we know you need high quality parts at the right price delivered on time, every time. Make your life easy but getting the best of all worlds when you call Raviraj Metals today about your castings.

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What We Do

Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts

What We Do

Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting Utensils / Vessels