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Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts (C.I. Machined Components)

Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts (CI Machined Components)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of: Grey Cast Iron Machined Components / Parts (CI Machined Components) like Bearing Caps, Casting Covers, Adaptors, Delivery Body, Brackets, Brake Drums, Machined Covers, Pump Brackets, Pump Body, Sleeves, Housings, Silicon Molly (SiMo) Manifolds, Brake Discs, Flywheels, Pulleys, Engine Mounting Brackets, Machined Hubs, Carriers, Water Pump Components / Parts, Hydraulic Components / Parts from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Grey Cast Iron Machined Components are precision-engineered parts crafted from Grey Cast Iron (GCI) through meticulous machining processes. Renowned for their durability, stability, and excellent damping capacity, these components find versatile applications across various industries.

Machining Grey Cast Iron demands expertise due to its abrasive nature, yet yields components with exceptional dimensional accuracy and surface finish. These parts exhibit remarkable resistance to wear and deformation, ensuring prolonged service life even in demanding environments.

Salient Features:

  • Exceptional durability and stability
  • Superior damping capacity
  • Precision machining yields high dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent resistance to wear and deformation
  • Versatile applications across diverse industries


  • Automotive industry: Engine components, brake system parts
  • Machinery: Gearboxes, machine beds, hydraulic components
  • Construction: Structural components, manhole covers
  • Industrial equipment: Pump housings, valve bodies
  • Agricultural machinery: Plowshares, tractor parts