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Grey Cast Iron Casting Machined Components / Parts (C.I. Machined Components)

Grey Cast Iron Casting Component Assembly / Parts (CI Assembled Components)

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of: Grey Cast Iron Component / Part Assembly (CI Assembled Components / Parts) from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Grey Cast Iron Component Assembly, also known as CI Assembled Components, comprises precision-engineered parts crafted from Grey Cast Iron (GCI) meticulously assembled to form functional units. These assemblies offer robust solutions for various industrial applications, leveraging the inherent strength and durability of grey cast iron.

Each component undergoes rigorous machining and assembly processes to ensure precise fitment and optimal performance. The assembly may include components such as gears, housings, shafts, and brackets, seamlessly integrated to fulfill specific functions within machinery, equipment, or structures.

CI Assembled Components exhibit exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion, and deformation, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding environments. From automotive to manufacturing sectors, these assemblies play a crucial role in delivering efficient and durable solutions for diverse applications.

Whether it's in automotive engines, hydraulic systems, or industrial machinery, Grey Cast Iron Component Assemblies stand as reliable foundations, embodying the resilience and longevity characteristic of grey cast iron.

Salient Features:

  • Precision-engineered assembly for optimal performance
  • Robust construction with Grey Cast Iron components
  • Exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion, and deformation
  • Rigorous machining and assembly processes ensure precise fitment
  • Versatile applications across various industrial sectors


  • Automotive industry: Engine assemblies, transmission systems
  • Machinery: Pump assemblies, gearbox units
  • Construction: Structural assemblies, support brackets
  • Industrial equipment: Hydraulic system assemblies, valve assemblies
  • Agricultural machinery: Plow assemblies, harvesting equipment