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Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting / Silicon Molly (SiMo) Manifolds

Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting / Silicon Molybdenum (SiMo) Manifolds

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of: Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting / Silicon Molybdenum (SiMo) Manifolds from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Grey C.I. (Cast Iron) Casting / Silicon Molybdenum (SiMo) Manifolds are crucial components used in fluid distribution systems within industrial machinery and equipment. These manifolds facilitate the efficient conveyance and regulation of fluids such as oil, gas, or coolant in various applications.

Constructed from either Grey Cast Iron (GCI) or Silicon Molybdenum (SiMo), these manifolds offer distinct advantages based on their material composition. Grey CI provides robustness, durability, and resistance to wear, making it suitable for general-purpose applications. On the other hand, SiMo offers enhanced resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and chemical aggression, making it ideal for more demanding environments.

Manufactured through precision casting processes, Grey CI / SiMo Manifolds exhibit uniformity in thickness and precise dimensional accuracy, ensuring seamless integration with fluid distribution systems. Their material properties provide exceptional strength, reliability, and longevity, even in harsh operating conditions.

These manifolds come in various configurations and designs, including simple linear layouts or complex branching structures, to meet specific application requirements. Whether distributing coolant in automotive engines, regulating hydraulic fluids in industrial machinery, or managing gas flow in HVAC systems, Grey CI / SiMo Manifolds play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable fluid distribution.

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Salient Features:

  • Crafted from Grey Cast Iron (GCI) or Silicon Molybdenum (SiMo) for durability and reliability
  • Precision casting ensures uniformity and precise dimensional accuracy
  • Grey CI offers robustness and resistance to wear, while SiMo provides enhanced corrosion resistance and high-temperature tolerance
  • Versatile designs to accommodate various fluid distribution requirements
  • Suitable for use in diverse industrial sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, and HVAC


  • Automotive industry: Engine coolant manifolds, oil distribution systems
  • Industrial machinery: Hydraulic fluid distribution manifolds, pneumatic systems
  • HVAC systems: Gas distribution manifolds, refrigerant flow control
  • Petrochemical industry: Chemical distribution manifolds, refinery processes
  • Power generation: Cooling water distribution manifolds, steam systems